1/11 Sinner live at Burnside Skatepark

3/11 Jabberwocky live at the Workshop

5/11 Easy War live at the Vintage Shop

7/11 Fire live in a empty Burgerweeshuis

9/11 I am not Waiting live at Burgerweeshuis

11/11 In the Shade in the shade

2/11 Pantomime live at BurgerHaven

4/11 Hide and seek live at the balcony

6/11 Nothing live at Kunstenlab

8/11 Awake live at the Garage

10/11 Losing live at the Basement

videoreleasetour pantomime

Since a normal album release tour was not possible in pandemic-year 2020, Black Monsoon decided to present the tracks from their new album PANTOMIME via a live-video tour, in which they recorded all eleven songs each from unique locations. Each live video was premiered as a single episode by one of the media/music blogs/platforms that collaborated with the band, every (other) week during autumn 2020-spring 2021.

For example, one of the live tracks was recorded in the empty hall of the BurgerHaven Pop-up stage of Burgerweeshuis Devener. “The contrast of the desolate hall in this lockdown is typical of this year without pa live audience. It sounds a bit dramatic, but actually that's just what it is.", says drummer Marjolijn Dokter.

These live shows have been arranged down to the finest detail with the collaboration of sound engineer Alex Cailliau (working with Ernst Jansz and The Gathering), light artist Freek Ros (working with De Staat and Altin Gun) and recorded by filmmaker Eric Zwiers (working with Maaike Ouboter and Ajax). , the audio mix was provided by Sander Holmer (working at Hedon and Burgerweeshuis). All was supported by set assistant Tom Klein Beernink (working at Hip & Hanneke and The Freaks).

In the autumn of 2020 and spring of 2021 Black Monsoon released each of the eleven live registrations of a track from their album every (other) week. Singer/guitarist Jacky Kwast explains: “We want people to discover our music as it is intended, with a complete atmosphere in the right live setting. They can't go to a rock show of ours, so we just come by at their homes via the laptop. Not too long, just a song of two or three minutes to continue working from home in good spirits.” The video release tour was made possible in part by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.